Nutzungsbedingungen (Englisch)

1) Political content of the site

The overall structure, text, images, animations broadly and sounds of the website are properties of Emotiyou. Any attempt to partial or total representation of the site and its content without express permission Emotiyou is strictly prohibited under penalty of entry in breach of the Code of Intellectual Property, which punishes crimes of counterfeiting.

The reader is committed to respecting intellectual property rules of various content available on our site, namely:

Do not reproduce, summarize, modify, alter or rebroadcast without our authorization, any article, title, applications, software, logo, brand, information, photo or illustration for a purpose other than strictly private, which excludes any reproduction of purposes or dissemination in number.

Do not copy all or part of the site on another site or an internal corporate network.

The violation of these provisions mandatory subjects the offender, and all persons responsible for criminal and civil penalties provided by law.

2) Using our services

The user undertakes to respect the laws and regulations, and especially not to use the Emotiyou to create, write or commit, or transmit any messages, information or content of any nature whatsoever, Illicit and especially outrageous, offensive, defamatory, abusive, violent, obscene or pornographic, or including a provocation to discrimination or hatred based on race, religion, sex, or other provocative crimes and misdemeanors, or glorification of crime, or likely to impair the operation of computer systems, in any way whatsoever.

The user further undertakes to usurp no quality attribute ID or misleading or to create any confusion about his identity, the origin of the message or other content it distributes or transmits, and not divert the data or information which he has knowledge, or use them to divert customers in whole or part of the services offered.

The user finally undertakes not to disseminate via services Emotiyou unsolicited messages type advertising, promotional, chain mail or otherwise.

The default emoticons are displayed in the gallery, unless the user objects during validation. Even after display in the gallery, you can withdraw at any time by contacting Emotiyou since the contact form, and specifying the file name to be removed.

The user will not send photos of a person without his consent, or to create an emoticon from the photo of a person without his consent. In this case, in any case Emotiyou would be held responsible.

3) Privacy

The personal data that we may collect is for Emotiyou so you can enjoy the services offered by the site. No personal information is sold to third parties or used for purposes not provided.

You have a right to access, modify, correct or delete personal data that we may collect (Article 34 of the law "and Freedoms"). For the exercise, please contact us since our contact form.